Saturday, March 22, 2008

Jack Russell Terrorist

While you all are out riding and racing, I'm stuck here in Wisco, with a fresh 7" of snow on the ground and a crazy puppy. If you think life gets tough, here's what it's like cleaning the house with Mini Cooper.

I started by sweeping the kitchen floor. Here is Coop, helping by clamping on to the bristles and being dragged around the floor. It's sort of an added feature: sweeping with dust pick up at the same time.

I had to get some horse hair off a saddle pad so here is Cooper, aiding (not) in that process.

Then Lindsay came downstairs with her slippers on. Coop loves slippers. Especially if the feet in them are trying to walk.

Next we move to laundry.

Once I got the sheet unhooked from his incisors I quit doing housework. I'm stuffing him in his box and am going out to clean the chicken coop.

Good luck at the races today. I'm working on hopefully the last of the bike adaptations. This time of year is really a challenge: swapping out cranks, handlebars, this that and the other thing. Thanks all of you for your patience as I sort it out.



rachel said...

That puppy is soooo cute! How fun! hope y'all are doing well.

Anonymous said...

So did you guys break the 100 inch mark on the snowfall or are you short by one or two? We are nowhere that amount up here on the frozen tundra...

The terrorist looks like a handful.

Have Fun!

Dan (Kate's dad)

Anonymous said...

Hey Becx, Im in love with Mini Copper! Ill be glad to help out with your chores as long as Copper is with me. Im not sure how much of it will be done though...

Clare (Clay)

becx said...

Hi Clare! of course you can help with chores. I shove Coop inside my coat and off we go. Yesterday he managed to get into the chicken coop as I was filling their water. He scared Dumpling (big white chicken). She started flapping to take off and used my back as a runway. I haven't checked that coat for chicken shit but I'm sure it's there, right on the back....